Fetal Movement Third Trimester
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Fetal Movement Third Trimester

This article is about Fetal Movement Third Trimester. When someone is pregnant, they need to know that the Fetal Movement Third Trimester is very important for a healthy pregnancy. Do you want to get more insight on the Fetal Movement Third Trimester? Read this article!

Fetal movement is a very important thing. If you are pregnant, it is important to pay attention to the movement of the fetus developing in your womb. It is a sign of proper growth and development and with observation of your Fetal Movement Third Trimester, taking care of any impending threats to your unborn child becomes much easy.

During the third trimester, there are movements that you will be able to feel from your developing fetus. This is why the it is called the Fetal Movement Third Trimester. The lungs are never mature at about week 32 but there are considerable rhythmic movements on its breathing. At this stage, the fetus has its bones fully developed though they are still very pliable and soft.

A significant movement in this stage is that of the eyelids. The eyes are in many cases closes from the first trimester but blinking starts as development progresses. In addition, the baby starts to gain weight at a very regular interval. Week 36, the baby starts preparing for delivery and takes the head down position thus one will be experiencing Fetal Movement Third Trimester live.

Weeks 37-40 are the final Fetal Movement Third Trimester stages. The baby is in full term and should be expected at any time. There is a considerable decline on fetal movement during this period. This may be because the baby has grown full size. It is now apparently filling the uterus leaving very little space for movement


It may be necessary for you to do a fetal movement count. This helps to keep check of its well-being. If you can count about ten movements in a span of 2 hours, then you would be sure that your baby is doing fine. You need to get a conducive environment from where you can concentrate on the movement of your baby.

It is important to know the reason as to why your baby may not be moving. For instance, not registering at least five Fetal Movement Third Trimester in an hour may make you to consult your doctor. It could be a sign that the baby is experiencing  some form of stress or is not feeling well. With prompt attention, you can always remain certain that the development of your baby is not being hampered with by issues that you can easily control.

As you intend to take care of your baby even before birth, taking note of its movement patterns is a very important thing to do. Study any movement you feel from the baby to Fetal Movement Third Trimester so that you can be able to know what movement durations that are normal and any movement regularities that may not be so usual.

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