How to Avoid Unhealthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy.
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How to Avoid Unhealthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy.

Information on healthy weight gain during pregnancy

You can avoid extra and unnecessary weight gain during pregnancy if you stick to a healthy diet and follow pregnancy weight gain guidelines. Recently recommendations have been released by a panel of experts at the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and the National Research Council that state these new pregnancy weight gain guidelines.

New Weight Gain Guidelines for Single Birth

Underweight - gain 28 to 40 pounds

Normal weight - gain 25 to 35 pounds

Over weight - gain 15 to 25 pounds

Obese - gain 11 to 20 pounds

New Weight Gain Guidelines for Twin Birth

Under weight - there is no available data at this time

Normal weight - gain 37 to 54 pounds

Over weight - gain 31-50

Obese - gain 25-42

Now after reading these new guidelines also remember it is a guideline and every woman’s body is different and every pregnancy is different. I would bring these new guidelines up to your health care provider and see how they feel about them and ask your doctor what weight gain guidelines you should follow.

First Trimester. Let’s talk about how much weight to gain. There should be minimal weight gain during the first three months (first trimester). Although your fetus is growing at an amazing rate it is not at the point where it needs a significant amount of calories. Unfortunately this is the time in pregnancy you may gain your most weight if you are not careful. People will throw the phrase around, “You’re eating for two.” This does not come into affect until your second trimester and actually only means consuming a few hundred extra calories and that’s it. You may be having food cravings, or feel hungry and this can be terrible on weight gain if you are craving empty calories, sugary or salty foods. Stay Away from these foods! Also, steer clear of fried foods, junk foods and eating large portions. Some women at this time can actually loose weight due to overwhelming nausea and morning sickness. It is said if you keep something in your stomach as soon as you rise or drink ginger tea you can ease the queasiness but again all pregnancies are different.

Second and Third Trimester. During the second trimester you should begin to gain your weight at a rate of about a pound a week. If you gain this weight slow and steady and monitor your weight gain you should be able to take an inventory of what you are eating if you begin to notice you are gaining significantly more than a pound a week. This will keep you on track and let you control the situation before it becomes a health issue. Remember, you may need to gain more than a pound a week if you are very active and have been exercising.

The Negative Affects of Gaining Too Much Weight. Gaining too much weight not only affects your ability to loose it quicker after the birth but can also cause the risk of having an overweight child, increase your blood pressure, and create a risk for gestational diabetes.

So What Do You Eat?

High quality dairy - fresh is best - cheese, cream, milk, butter from grass fed cows

Soaked grains and nuts, not from the can too much sodium and preservatives

Stocks, not from the can too much sodium, boil bones and carcass

Organic or locally grown produce

Filtered water, herbal teas, fresh squeezed juice from fresh fruit, get a juicer they are cool!

I have read articles that say if you eat an organic vegetarian diet while pregnant you will gain 50% less weight than a person who eats a diet in meat. If you are to do this make sure you get enough protein and that all your fruits and veggies are organic and washed thoroughly.

Remember protein and fibers will fill you up and this will create healthy weight which you will loose quickly after the birth. Drink plenty of water with this diet to help with constipation that many pregnant women suffer from.

Avoid Food That Create Unhealthy weight Gain.

Junk foods - fried foods, sodas, sugary sweets, white flour (bread, crackers, white pasta, cereals) also avoid most boxed foods.

NO Caffeine - caffeine is associated with miscarriages and abnormal fetal growth, under weight babies

No Alcohol - very harmful to fetus Do Not drink it!!

Trans Fat - causes a decrease in the good fat in breast milk, also effects fetal brain growth ( Partially hydrogenated=Trans Fat)

Artificial Sweeteners - (Splenda, Sweet-n-Low, Aspertame, Nutra-Sweet) can actually cause cravings for sugar and also they are neurological toxins, they are pure chemicals, think of them that way and stay away from them!

Food additives - MSG-neurotoxins seen on packages called, hydrolyzed protein, calcium, sodium casinate, textured protein, citric acid and malt flavorings

Soy - contains plant estrogens which can be bad for fetal reproductive development

The most important thing to remember while shopping at the grocery store is if it’s not sold on the perimeter of the store like, (produce, meat counter, and bakery) then it’s not worth having. Stay away from things in boxes and bags on the shelves these foods are filled with chemicals and preservatives to keep them fresh for years. Fresh preservative free food will create healthy weight gain that will come off easier after the birth and also keep you full longer and feeling great.

Pregnancy is NOT the time to eat anything you want and gain a lot of weight. It is in fact the most important time in your life to eat healthy and wise. Remember you are growing another human being inside your body. Keep you and your baby healthy and GOOD LUCK!


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