Miscarriage Facts and Statistics
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Miscarriage Facts and Statistics

A miscarriage is the loss of a baby. There are many statistics behind miscarriages and there are an alarming amount of women who go through such a tragic ordeal.

Here are some statistics on miscarriage:

  • 25-50 percent of pregnancies will end in miscarriage.
  • Blighted ovums are responsible for 50% of all first trimester pregnancy losses.
  • 90% of Blighted ovums are attributed to chromosomal error.
  • Blighted ovums occur before six and a half weeks.
  • Of those who miscarry, up to 20 percent will suffer a recurrent loss.
  • The statistical chance of having another miscarriage is no higher with a second pregnancy than with the first.
  • Spontaneous abortion is the official term for miscarriage that ends on it's own within the first 20 weeks of gestation.
  • Most miscarriages occur during the first 13 weeks of pregnancy.
  • The most common cause of miscarriage is chromosomal abnormality
  • Rarely is a medical problem of the mother to blame for a miscarriage.
  • The odds of having a miscarriage are higher as a woman ages.
  • Recurrent miscarriages are considered three or more...and will affect 1% of those who become pregnant.
  • 60-75% of women who have had recurrent miscarriages will go on to have a successful pregnancy.
  • After a heartbeat is heard the chance of miscarriage is 4% or less.
  • Chance of 2nd trimester miscarriage (before the 20 week mark) is 3%
  • Chance of still birth after 20 weeks is 1%
  • Chances of an ectopic pregnancy are 2%, if no previous occurrences.

The warning signs of a miscarriage are as follows:

  • Painful contractions that happen every 5-20 minutes.
  • Bleeding that takes place with or without cramps--bright red or brown in color. (This does not always mean a loss)
  • Passing clot like material.
  • Mucus that is white or pink in color.
  • Mild to severe back pain that is worse in severity than normal menstrual cramps.
  • Loss of pregnancy symptoms such as breast tenderness or morning sickness.

One important thing to remember is that miscarriage is never anyone's fault. Never blame yourself! It is a sad and unfair fact of life that miscarriages happen. You should grieve because you have experienced a loss. You may want to seek counseling or help and the support of family and friends when faced with this type of situation. In some cases there is no explanation as to why a miscarriage happened and the parents are left with unanswered questions. Also remember it does not mean you will not go on to have a healthy and happy child.

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