Pregnancy Appropriate Jobs
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Pregnancy Appropriate Jobs

Jobs you can do while pregnant

In this high paced, women-centric century, there are many women out there who are contemplating the idea of working while pregnant. Some have no choice, since their families are often dependent on two (or three) earners in the home, while others simply wonder what they can safely do while pregnant, to ensure financial stability throughout gestation.

It's complicated thing to think about, and a subject I'm going to try and touch upon. Please note that I am not a doctor, so I can not give you any specific medical advice. Though regardless of medical degrees, I do have experience and information that can help you decide what you would like to do.

Now, before we get into some jobs that are pregnancy appropriate, lets first talk about pregnancy and your health. This is important to consider because every woman reacts differently to pregnancy. Some find it's hardly a challenge until they have a watermelon sized belly, while others have a hard time right after conception. So take the time to think about how pregnancy is or could be effecting you. Pregnancy is an interesting condition, and it can cause dramatic changes in your blood pressure, blood sugar, energy level and mental congnition. Being vigilant of these things can cause stress enough, and those stresses are doubled when you are working. Though this doesn't mean that working is a bad idea, or that you can't take on both challenges, it simply means that you'll want to be aware of your body even more.

Okay, now that we have touched on the topic of pregnancy and your health, let's go over some jobs that you could safely work in just about any situation while pregnant.


Regardless of your specialities, the internet has made it really easy to continue to work if you can land a job that allows telecommuting. This means that you would be able to complete your work tasks at home, so long as you have internet. This is particularly helpful while pregnant, because not only is it less taxing physically, but most telecommuting jobs are flexible in terms of when you work. Which means that you can go to your doctor appoints whenever needed, and finish your work after (or before).

Writing & Editing

Whether you are already involved in professional editing, or you want to bust into freelance writing, either would be great work for you while pregnant. So long as you can combat the "momnesia", you should be able to master any writing or editing tasks from your home or from a desk.

Sit Down Jobs

Just about any job where you can sit down for most of your work, is appropriate during pregnancy. The only thing to keep in mind is you'll want to get up and stretch on a regular basis, especially as your pregnancy progresses.

Home Based Businesses

You could open up a CafePress shop and work on some designs, or you could start a crochet and blanket company. The sky isn't even the limit when it comes to home based businesses, and just being pregnant can get your brain going on all sorts of ways you could contribute to the world and bring in revenue. Not to mention, running your own home based businesses gives you ultimate flexability with time, physical concerns and family time.

Work to avoid...

*Jobs that require you to lift more than 5lbs regularly

*Jobs that require you to lift anything over 10lbs at any time

*Jobs that require mostly standing or working on your feet

*Jobs that require work around chemicals

*Work the requires cleaning up after animals or children

*Jobs that are far away from your doctor or a hospital

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