Pregnancy Dont's: What Not to Do During Pregnancy
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Pregnancy Dont's: What Not to Do During Pregnancy

What Not to Do During Pregnancy! Though it is perfectly fine to do most things like before, there are some things that a pregnant woman must avoid to prevent risks and complications in her pregnancy. In this article you will find the list of pregnancy dont's. Read on to find out what not to do during pregnancy period.

Pregnancy is a period of great anxiety for women.  Safety and health of the unborn child is on top of the priority list for expectant moms. While it is perfectly safe to do most things like before, some things must be avoided to prevent risks and complications in pregnancy. Here is a list of things to be avoided during pregnancy. Read on to find out what not to do during pregnancy. 

Avoid smoking during Pregnancy 

Smoking is damaging to the health of the unborn baby.  Expectant mother must refrain from smoking and must even avoid exposure to passive smoke. Exposure to smoke reduces oxygen supply to the foetus and can affect weight gain causing slow growth. Smoking increases the risk of pregnancy loss in the early stages. Preterm labour and complications in pregnancy can arise with smoking. It is indeed dangerous to smoke during pregnancy. 

Avoid sauna or steam bath during Pregnancy 

Pregnancy discomfort and aches can force women to think about pampering, but it is best to refrain from steam bath. Increase in body temperature in pregnancy leads to birth defects or decreased oxygen supply and nutrition to the baby.

Say no to self-treatments during Pregnancy 

Over the counter medications are often relied upon to avoid doctor visits in many cases. However, it must be avoided in pregnancy as medication can pass through placenta to the unborn baby. Read the labels of medications to see if it is perfectly safe.

Avoid using toxic chemicals during Pregnancy 

Insecticides, toxic fumes and other toxic chemical exposure must be avoided. Some of the toxic chemicals tend to damage the nervous system in the early stages of pregnancy.

Quit alcohol completely during Pregnancy 

Drinking any amount of alcohol is considered unsafe in pregnancy. While some consider drinking in small amount to be safe, alcohol can cause serious mental and physical defects. Babies can even be born with fetal alcohol syndrome. Alcohol is very dangerous during pregnancy. 

Stay away from chemical hair removal treatments during Pregnancy 

Laser or electrolysis using bleach for hair removal must be cut back after conceiving.  Switch to safer hair removal options as threading or shaving. The chemicals in hair removal creams can irritate the skin or cause allergies. Such adverse reactions are more likely to happen in pregnancy.

Avoid stress during Pregnancy 

Excessive stress can have negative consequences on pregnancy. Stress weakens the immune system and increases the chance of allergic reactions. During stress body undergoes hormonal changes. Hormonal changes can often lead to miscarriage or preterm labor.

Ditch tight clothes during Pregnancy 

Tight or snug clothes can restrict blood flow. Constant rubbing of tight clothes against skin can cause discomfort due to increased skin sensitivity in pregnancy. So wait until the end of pregnancy to switch back to your old clothes.

Now you know what not to do during pregnancy so simply follow these tips to have a safe pregnancy! You should also check What Not to Do During First Trimester of Pregnancy

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