Pregnancy Health Forum & FAQ
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Pregnancy Health Forum & FAQ

Last answer by Christopher Harris 64 months ago +0 votes:
Yes it's normal because when my wife was pregnant she saw the same thing as you but  the doctor say pregnancy is ok. Yes the baby born ok too. So stop worrying and go visit the doctor to make sure everyting is ok. more
Last answer by Rhonda Cundiff 65 months ago +0 votes:
Dear Elizabeth, I am so sorry you are going through this.  You should really see your Doctor.  Bleeding for six weeks after having a child is normal, but not if it is excessive.  After a miscarriage, espcially if it is heavy can pose health risks to you.  If you lose too much blood your blood count will drop, and you will become anemic as well. Your Doctor can check your blood... more
Last answer by Christopher Grove 67 months ago +1 votes:
One does not magically get pregnant, one would have to try hard to do it. So the risk is up to ones hands. But when it occurs the real risk begins, or should I say challenge - many of my friends have had their childs when they were teenagers, they managed to cope with it and carry on through out of life, but as you know - not everyone is made out of steel. more
Last answer by Tammi Haynes 69 months ago +0 votes:
My pregnancy taught me a lot about myself. Although I did not realize it during those times when I was experiencing discomfort. The most important lesson was asking for help and reaching out to other mothers as you're doing now; it saved me from not being able to enjoy the process. I had to engage my prenatal support system and intertwine their expertise with some of those home remedies I was lear... more
Last answer by Linda 74 months ago +0 votes:
I had to have two c-sections, one due to water bag breakage and no labor even though they tried to induce. The second one they tried to let me deliver normally but head was way to big! My doctor only said that if I wanted to have more children I would need to have c-sections as there would be no more chance of normal delivery. She never set a limit on how many kids I could have. I chose to not hav... more
Last answer by S Fleming 92 months ago +1 votes:
 Unless your pregnancy is high-risk and your midwife had told you not to then intercourse is perfectly safe during pregnancy. It is important to discuss with your partner your feelings towards being intimate as these may change throughout the course of your pregnancy.  As you get bigger you may need to experiment more with different positions as missionary could become uncomfortable.&nbs... more
Last answer by Dr. Faizan Ali 99 months ago +1 votes:
I just told her politely that  "Dear Lady! please abstain from smoking at least in your pregnancy! this would be harmful to you and ofcourse your baby! you know! that god could not be everywhere, so he made mothers" Hope she will pay attention to it  more
Im 26 weeks pregnant with baby #3 and I have been discharging a white jelly-like substance my vaja itches and its sometimes painful...its been going on day 2 now...I dont remember this with my other 2. Im dry down there for intercourse when normal im really wet. need calling doc tomorrow. but am worried. plus im feeling pressure in pelvic region, where it feels like baby is pushing dow... more
Last answer by jhelt 104 months ago +1 votes:
First, avoid spicy foods or any other foods that may trigger heartburn and avoid eating too much at one meal. Second, it is okay to take Tums while pregnant. Of course, confirm this with your doctor and do not take more than the reccommended dose. Finally, try drinking a glass of milk or yogurt to relieve heartburn. more