Sex During Pregnancy : Is It Safe to Have Sex During Pregnancy Period?
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Sex During Pregnancy : Is It Safe to Have Sex During Pregnancy Period?

Sex during Pregnancy : Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy period? In this article you will get the answer to the most wanted question about sex during pregnancy. Read on to find out about the safe sex during pregnancy. You will also learn about the health situations during which sex should be avoided in the pregnancy period.

Is sex safe during pregnancy period, is a question raised by many. Read on to learn about the facts on sex during pregnancy. Each and every couple have a different opinion on sex during pregnancy, in this article you will learn when sex is safe and in what circumstances sex may be unsafe during pregnancy period. 

Sex is totally natural during pregnancy. Many women find it pleasurable and others find it as not so comfortable. The increase in blood flow to the pelvic area and  moistness provided by vaginal discharge during pregnancy can make sex more pleasurable.

Fatigue, nausea and tender breasts can reduce the sexual drive in some women. Talk to the partner about any discomfort as sex must be a pleasurable experience. Sharing how you feel like with your partner is the key to make sex more enjoyable in pregnancy.

The baby in the womb is protected  during pregnancy with abdomen, muscular walls of the uterus and amniotic fluid. The cushioning effect provided does not impact the foetus and it is completely safe during normal pregnancy to have sex. In case of high risk pregnancy, as in the case of miscarriage or preterm labour, the doctor advises to avoid intercourse.

Sex during pregnancy must be avoided in following cases:

  1. Preterm labour
  2. Risk of miscarriage or a history of miscarriage
  3. Vaginal bleeding or cramping
  4. Leakage of amniotic fluid
  5. Pregnant with twins and multiples
  6. Placenta is positioned abnormally low in the uterus
  7. Damaged cervix that has opened up too early in pregnancy

Sexual desires may change over the course of pregnancy. Desires may come and go and it differs from one woman to another.

Sexual positions also matter in pregnancy. Lying on the back during intercourse is considered unsafe. This position constricts the blood vessels and therefore not recommended. Lying to the side and woman on top position are ideal positions during intercourse.

Sex during third trimester of  pregnancy is believed to induce labour. It is a myth and there is no link between premature labour and sex during the late stages of pregnancy.

Oral sex is also completely safe. However, the partner must refrain from  blowing air into the vagina. This can cause bubbles to enter bloodstream and therefore considered unsafe.

If the partner is likely to have a sexually transmitted disease, it is best to avoid sex. HIV, herpes, genital warts and chlamydia are some of the sexually transmitted diseases and it can be transmitted to the unborn. Safe sex practices can be followed in cases such as these.

If you happen to have doubts on what is safe and what is not in your particular case of pregnancy, feel free to talk to your doctor! 

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