The Phases of Pregnancy
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The Phases of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is divided into 3 phases or trimesters.

Pregnant mothers should know the stages of pregnancy because this is very important. Pregnancy has 3 phases or trimesters. The first phase starts from contraception to twelve weeks. This is the stage where most of the development of the baby takes place. Expectant mothers should take note that this is the most delicate month for the developing life inside her so she must be always extra careful in taking care of herself and her unborn baby.

Six days after fertilization takes place the fertilized egg is planted in the lining of the uterus for further development. The major changes take place during the 5th week when the main organs begin to grow and the nervous system begins to develop. The heart beats begin at about six weeks followed by the development of the limbs then gradually the knees and elbows are formed. The face also begins to develop with the mouth and the tongue. This is the time when many women notice that they are pregnant because of some signs of pregnancy.

The first phase of pregnancy is often the most delicate phase and where most miscarriages happen because the fertilized egg is not yet fully intact in the uterus. Pregnant mothers must always take extra care of themselves especially mothers who need extra care during pregnancy.

During the second phase which takes place at thirteen weeks to twenty eight weeks, pregnancy becomes more comfortable for the pregnant mother. This is not so delicate but you should still take extra care of yourself.

At this phase, all the major organs of your baby begin to function. The first movement of your baby maybe felt on the 18th week but it could be very tiny movement which sometimes cannot be felt by other mothers. The 19th week is the stage when your baby will grow hair and stronger movements could be felt. This is the time when your baby could react to his outside environment so your activities will influence your baby’s movements inside. Some mothers start teaching their babies at this stage.

The third phase of the pregnancy starts at 29 weeks until the baby is ready to be born. This is the phase when your baby is already very well developed and can make many movements. He could now kick hard and some mothers may feel a hard kick at their sides. Funny movement can make you laugh and feel that your baby is very much active inside you.

In the last few weeks of pregnancy, mothers are advised not to eat too much because the baby will grow too big and labor could be very hard. As you reach your due date you can have more rest to reserve your energy for the most awaited day of laboring. Just relax and there is nothing to fear because you will very soon be holding your baby in your arms.

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Good to know!

Very good information.. women should know what is happening inside of them during pregnancy.