Top 25 Tips for Healthy Pregnancy
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Top 25 Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

Top 25 Tips for Healthy Pregnancy! Pregnancy can be exciting. At the same time, anxieties can loom around you. If you are planning to have a child, learn what to expect in the pre-pregnancy stage and during the long journey of nine months.In this article you will find excellent pregnancy tips which can really help you to have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

So you have decided to have a baby! Pregnancy is the beginning of new life in the womb. It is important to have a healthy start for the mother to be and for the foetus during pregnancy. Here are top 25 tips for a healthy pregnancy. 

1 See your health Practitioner: It is important to see a health practitioner before planning to get pregnant. Practitioner often provides tips on healthy eating and nutrition and other tests that are important to have a healthy baby.

2  Start having a healthy diet: Most new couples are new to cooking and there is a high chance to them staying away from cooking and healthy eating. As soon as you get decide to get pregnant, start cooking and eating healthy balanced food.

3 Take your folic acid supplements: Do not forget to take folic acid supplements at least three months prior to your pregnancy. Folic acid protects the unborn baby from neural tube defects.

4 Educate yourself: Read articles on what to expect during pregnancy. Learn the changes that you can expect in your lifestyle. Learn more on do and don’ts of pregnancy. There are so many myths surrounding what to do and what not to do. Get books and health pamphlets from your practitioner.

5 Exercise: Exercise is very vital for as you plan for pregnancy.  It can lower your chances of having miscarriage, complications of pregnancy and other complications during labor. Swimming, walking and bicycling are all good exercises before and during pregnancy.

6 Keep track of your monthly cycle: Note the exact dates of last menstrual cycle. It will help you understand when you ovulate and when you conceive. The dates are important to calculate expected date of delivery.

7 Stay away from chemicals:  Chemical exposure isn't good for pregnancy. Stop the habit of sniffing any chemical to see how it smells. Avoid harmful chemicals at home and at workplace.

8 Stop drinking alcohol: No amount of alcohol is safe during pregnancy and it cause birth defects. Avoid them even when you are trying to get pregnant.Read more on why drinking alcohol is dangerous during pregnancy.

9 Stop smoking: Smoking can cause too many complications in pregnancy. It can lead to low birth weight babies. Infection, asthma and SIDS are more likely in babies born to smoking mothers. Read more why smoking is dangerous during pregnancy.

10 Find a good gynecologist:  Get recommendation from friends and find a good practitioner. A visit to a practitioner can help you decide better.

11 Plan for a year: It can take up to a year to get pregnant. Try for a year actively, before seeking help from a practitioner. If you are over thirty five years, it is best to get help after six months’ time.

12 Attend pregnancy classes: Pregnancy classes are often held at all popular hospitals. Register to learn more about pregnancy and also meet other mom's to be at the same time.

13 Plan pregnancy before the age of 35: It is best to plan pregnancy before the age of 35. Complications are more likely and birth defects are more common in babies born to mothers of advanced age.

14 Visit a dentist: Before you get pregnant, visit a dentist to spot all dental problems. Dental fillings and dental cleaning must be done, if required. Many dental treatments must be avoided during pregnancy.

15 If you are on birth control pill: Once you stop the birth control pill, you can get pregnant. However, it is best to wait for one cycle to best track your ovulation period.

16 To get pregnant: An important tip to increase chance of conceiving is to remain in bed 10-15 minutes after intercourse. This way sperms can get into the cervix and improve you chance of getting pregnant.

17 Announce your pregnancy: If you are pregnant, announce your pregnancy. This way others will spare you from doing what you are not supposed to do in pregnancy as lifting weights. Some medical tests and medications are unsafe during pregnancy. Tell about your pregnancy while visiting any other practitioner or for medical tests.

18 Avoid missing your appointments:  Keep the appointments for regular checkups. Appointments are crucial in the first trimester and towards the end of pregnancy.

19 Avoid high heels: Ligaments of the back are stretched during pregnancy. Wearing heels can change the posture and contribute to back pains. Isn’t your health more important than a walk in your heels?

20 Take enough rest:  Pregnancy can be tiring. Take plenty of rest and hydrate your body often.

21 Morning sickness: Morning sickness can bother anyone during the initial stages of pregnancy. For some it might not be very severe and for others it can be worse. Use home remedies and talk to your practitioner for medications if required.

22 Stretch your body: Stretching exercises are important to avoid leg cramps and lower back pain. Deep breathing exercises can help you relax and to be more aware of body changes. Ease pregnancy difficulties with simple stretching exercises. Simple stretching exercises before bed time can reduce your chances of getting a leg cramp at night.

23 Attend childbirth classes: Register for a childbirth class to ease anxieties about childbirth. Get important tips on normal delivery, labor signs and how to be prepared for the process of delivery.

24 Talk to a doula: A doula can guide you to have a safe delivery and short labor. Talk about your concerns. Interview and get an expert doula who can guide you through the entire process of pregnancy.

25 Pack your hospital bag in advance: Pack your bags three to four weeks before the date of delivery. Make sure to pack all the essentials: checkup details, insurance card, baby clothing and a camcorder (keep it charged) to record the first snapshots of your newborn. To learn more check what to pack in the hospital bag. 

Journey of pregnancy can be exciting and stress free when you know what to expect. Educate yourself about pregnancy to avoid all worries. Now that you know of important pregnancy tips, it is easier to sail through the pre-pregnancy stage and through the nine months of pregnancy. All the best and have a safe and health pregnancy. 

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