Travel During Pregnancy: Tips for Safe Travel During Pregnancy
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Travel During Pregnancy: Tips for Safe Travel During Pregnancy

Travel during Pregnancy: Tips for safe travel during pregnancy! If you are stressing about travel during pregnancy then stop worrying. In this article you will find the tips for safe travel during the pregnancy period. Read on to know about the travel tips by bus, train , sea, car and flight during the pregnancy period.

Should you spend the entire nine months of pregnancy without travelling? Worrying about travelling during pregnancy is quite natural. Well travel during pregnancy is not easy, but it does not mean that you cannot travel during the pregnancy period. Read on to lean about the tips for safe travel during the pregnancy period.

In the first trimester, excessive travelling is not recommended. One of the best times to travel in pregnancy is during the second trimester, when the first crucial 12 weeks of first trimester will be over and the fatigue of last trimester lies well ahead.

As long as there are no complications in pregnancy, it is perfectly safe to travel during pregnancy. There can be some concerns about travelling in pregnancy and here is what you must know:

Travelling by flight during pregnancy

Travelling by flight is perfectly safe in pregnancy. Concerns must only be there when you are close to the weeks before delivery. Many airlines insist of getting a letter from your doctor to stating that it is safe for travel and this is essential for travelling during the ninth month.

Choose a seat at the aisle, for easy access to restrooms.  These seats provide extra space to stretch the  legs. Be extra careful while walking through narrow areas in the plane and avoid moving in the plane during turbulence.

Avoid travelling in small planes and travelling in high altitudes of 7000 feet and more.

Travelling by car during pregnancy 

Use seat belts while you travel by car. Buckling up is essential for your safety.

Limit the travel time to five to six hours. Travelling for too long in the same position can cause discomfort.  If you are having long journey, take frequent brakes.

Travelling by bus and train during pregnancy 

Aisles in the bus are narrow and it is good to hold on to back rails when you move around. Find a place to sit as soon as you board the bus.

Train travel can be comfortable  as there will be more space to move around. Hold on to rails when you move and while using the narrow restrooms.

Use a travel pillow to make your journey extra comfortable.

Travelling by sea during pregnancy 

Morning sickness can worsen and can make you feel more nauseous while travelling by sea. Use seasickness bands if required. Ensure that any medication  used for seasickness is safe for use in pregnancy.

For travelling by cruise, ensure that there is health care provider on board in case of complications.

Stay hydrated while travelling.  If you are travelling to a developing country, eat cooked food and eat only fruits that can be peeled. Avoid uncooked food. Carry a copy of your health records while you travel.  Avoid travelling for a duration exceeding five to six hours.

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