Why is It Dangerous to Smoke During Pregnancy?
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Why is It Dangerous to Smoke During Pregnancy?

If you are smoking during the pregnancy period, you really should stop it for the good health of your little one. Smoking is really very dangerous for your baby's health. Read on to find the various ways on how smoking affects the baby. Being pregnant isnÂ’t easy so if you are pregnant, might as well take every precaution for a safe and happy pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a very delicate and sensitive stage for every woman’s life. A mother-to-be should be mindful in all the things she do and also on what she eats. Being pregnant isn’t easy. Additionally, there are also sacrifices needed to be done. Number one is that the totally dropping off alcoholic drinks and cigarette smoking; if you used to smoke and you are pregnant you really should stop it for the good health of your little one. Read on to learn about the various dangerous of smoking during pregnancy.

Two main reasons why you should not smoke during pregnancy

1 A stick of cigarette is made up of greater than 2,000 harmful chemicals such nasty chemicals are cyanide and lead, plus 60 cancerous compounds. Whenever you try to light-up while pregnant, those poisonous compounds enter your blood vessels which happens to baby's exclusive way to obtain oxygen and nutrients.

2 The very critical risks are prmature delivery, and as well as low birth weight. These can nearly happen when smoking while pregnant because the nicotine and the carbon monoxide interact that result to reducing your baby’s enough supply of

oxygen. The nicotine secretes and goes along your blood vessels all over your body plus your umbilical cord.

How does smoking affect the baby?

Lack of oxygen can have disastrous impact to your baby's growth and physical and mental development. Smoking while pregnant

increases the probability of too early delivery or giving birth; weighing not more than 5 1/2 pounds. A chance of stillbirth is at risk. Every cigarette stick you light up increases the risks to your pregnancy.

Weight and size

For every single stick you light up on your pregnancy will certainly shave off your baby's birth weight for about a half pound. Moreover; if it happens you smoke a lot as many as one pack each day can possibly make your baby lighter or too underweight.

The Body and lungs

Babies born undersized and underweight normally have not fully developed their bodies while inside their mother’s womb. Their respiratory system may not be capable to function well, meaning babies may put in an incubator on their first days which is connected to a respirator machine. Even though these babies start to breathe on their own, they may still have experiencing breathing problems on their following years — this is because the lung was not fully developed due to the nicotine content of the cigarettes. Babies with smoking mothers while they are pregnant are most likely prone to asthma and additionally at risk of SIDS

or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.


Cigarette smoking during the first three months of pregnancy is propensity to get heart problems. There are also cases that a new born baby shall immediately undergo heart operation to avoid total failure of heart functioning.

Brain function

Cigarette smoking during pregnant state can give lifetime side- effects on baby's brain. Babies of pregnant smokers would likely to have learning difficulties, personality and behavioral problems, and as well as low IQs as they grow up and face the world.

So to all expectant mothers out there! Love your baby. Your baby inside your womb is a blessing and a very special gift from God. Always do what is best for your baby thus, you too can benefit if you take care of yourself while being pregnant. Good benefits will not go to your baby but to you as well!

Now you know the dangerous of smoking during pregnancy. So think twice, before you lit up the cigarette during your pregnancy period.

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